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EIZO FlexScan Office Monitors - a Professional for every Desk

As the centrepiece of the EIZO portfolio, the FlexScan (EV) product line offers a suitable monitor solution for every workplace. From the space-saving 23- or 24-inch model with a focus on high energy efficiency to the 37.5-inch curved ultrawide model with a huge work surface and plenty of connectivity options.



In addition to high energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership, the Basic models also have many other features that the entire FlexScan product line stands for: excellent image quality, ergonomic features that are easy on the back and eyes as well as environmentally conscious and socially responsible manufacturing. On the connection side, DisplayPort and HDMI are available, as well as VGA and/or DVI depending on the model, in order to utilise a wide range of sources.

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By connecting a single cable, the USB-C connectivity of the Professional models offers several functions at once, significantly expanding the feature set of the monitors. Not only are image and sound signals transmitted via USB-C - the USB hub is also powered in this way so that peripheral devices connected to the monitor are immediately available. Mobile devices are also reliably supplied with power, making a separate power supply unit obsolete in most cases.

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With an enormous variety of connections, the Premium models offer maximum flexibility for many scenarios in the hybrid working world. In addition to the docking functionality of the Professional models, a LAN port ensures a stable network connection at all times. Multiple monitors can be connected in series via USB-C daisy chaining and the entire setup can still be connected to the computer with just one cable. A KVM switch makes it possible to fully utilise several connected computers with the same peripherals.

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EIZO ColorEdge Graphics Monitors - the Best Tool for the Best Result

With unique precision, a large colour gamut and absolutely uniform brightness, ColorEdge monitors reproduce every last detail of the file with lasting precision and colour accuracy. Whether you are working on photos, graphics or films, a ColorEdge monitor ensures that you can concentrate fully on the creative process.



For all creative professionals who demand absolute precision, the CS series is exactly the right solution and the perfect introduction to professional image and video editing.

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The most modern technology, the most innovative features, the best equipment. The ColorEdge CG series combines all of this for the highest level of performance and precision.

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5-year Guarantee - No Worries

Thanks to continuous research, further development and meticulous quality controls, EIZO can offer a 5-year warranty including on- site replacement service on all FlexScan and ColorEdge models. Even with a higher purchase price, the investment and operating costs are lower with an EIZO monitor, as the service life is significantly longer and there are guaranteed to be no repair and associated follow-up costs in the first five years.


High-end Monitors from EIZO and CANCOM

Find out on our partner page how CANCOM and EIZO can help your company to establish customised solutions for the workstations in your company and make your business fit for the future. Our expert team will provide you with competent support, from the decision to the complete rollout process - including procurement, logistics and rollout plan.

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